Resolve Consulting Fire Safety

Fire Safety

    As part of its Risk Management Services, Resolve Consulting can also assist you with the following:

    •  Fire Risk Assessment in accordance with PAS 79. This will cover areas such as:
      • portable fire-fighting equipment
      • fire alarm systems
      • fire safety information and training of persons
      • escape routes and emergency exits
      • automatic door release mechanisms (where fitted)
      • locks and fastenings fitted to all doors required for means of escape
      • steps, stairs, floor coverings and handrails to escape routes
      • fire doors and self closing devices
      • special arrangements for ensuring the safety of disabled persons
      • fire and emergency signs and notice
      • emergency escape lighting
      • maintenance arrangements for equipment and devices listed above
      • arrangement of furniture and fittings
      • adequacy and integrity of fire separation
      • risk to life
      • fire hazards
    • Preparation of Fire Strategies in accordance with PAS 911:2007
    • Preparation of Emergency Response Plans
    • Conducting of Evacuation Drills and logging results
    • Preparation of Fire Log Book
    • Design of Fire Detection and Alarm System in line with BS5839-1:2013 including CE matrix
    • Preparation of Fire Safety and Ventilation reports for new buildings as required by the Malta Planning Authority
    • Issuing of Fire Certificates for catering outlets as required by the Malta Tourism Authority